Wednesday, July 13, 2011


To keep myself from seeming like a complete b with an itch, I want to pose a question instead of going off an a rant. Within the last few weeks, I've gone out with three very different guys. Two of these eligible bachelors have at least their bachelor's degree, the third left college after two years. All three had things to offer: good conversationalists, attractive, good jobs, interesting. Here's the catch, the two with degrees felt like a better fit. Was it just that those two guys were better fits in general, or was it something more than that? This is not the first time this sort of question has made an appearance in my conscience, but it's the first time I've admitted it.

If you've read any of my other posts, you know the variety of guys I've dated. Some have been high school graduates, some have been working on their doctorates. Some have been brilliant some have not been so bright. Some have been ready for a relationship, some have not. So, I need your help. Is there something to having a degree that makes someone a better fit for me or am I just making up reasons in my head for why some dates turn into relationships (granted not many!) and why some don't?